The film will be the most comprehensive
educational investigation on the topic to date.

History and Mythology

Beginning with the creation of Adam and Eve and continuing throughout World History and Mythology. Sex variation mythologies have been recorded by the Egyptians, the Greeks, Hindi, Buddhists, and Native Americans.

The Animal Kingdom

Variations of biological sex exist in snails, fish, reptiles, birds, insects, plants and many other organisms. Fruit flies have been used to study how human embryos develop their unique male or female characteristics.

Human Development

Leading researchers can now explain many of the intricacies of Fetal Development in the Human Womb. The combination of chromosomes, hormones and the physical development of gonads, all interact to perform an intricate synchronicity in the development of the male or female sex.

The Science

Geneticists and physicians are now studying the Variations of Sex Development.  At least 23 different variations of biological sex development have been discovered and recognized by the scientific and medical communities.

Personal Stories and Future Sociology

The film will closely examine Current Social Policies. We will share the moving personal experiences of many who were ‘born between’ and are willing to share their stories. How can governments, religious organizations, and educational systems, best adapt to the people in our world that are ‘born between’? Are the current medical community policies toward variations of development at birth, ethical and fair? How do we begin to treat them with the respect and the human compassion they deserve in our communities and within our societies laws?

We intend to present the world audience with science facts, to promote an informed understanding of our fellow human beings. Our focus is not on personal sexual preference. Nor will we focus on the many controversies and definitions of transgender or transexual.

We will present the facts and the science.
You will decide.

Please join us by supporting the film
and help us foster understanding and knowledge!

Being intersex is not a choice.
It is a natural phenomena. 

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