This will be a new feature on our website.

We will be highlighting the life stories and personal biographies
of our readers, contributors or supporters, willing to participate.

Each Personal Journal page will be listed by the name the individual chooses,
categorized under the PERSONAL JOURNALS Category on this website.

A Personal Journal page does not require anyone’s name or identifying information. We will post your story anonymously if that is your wish. At the same time, if you wish to share your first name, it will be published. And those of you that are may already have a public profile, you may share any additional details you prefer. Including your professional work.

You may enter your personal journal in the form above. I am not sure if it has a maximum word count. But if you prefer you can email me your STORY and I will format a page for it here under this page heading.


I have been in contact with so many wonderful people that have shared some of their most personal experiences and emotions. I want others to read and understand the many variety of situations intersex persons have survived throughout their lives.

I am hoping at some point in the future we may highlight some of the stories on film with approval.

I hope you will join the conversation.
We want to share stories, advice and solutions.

Fernando J. Llorente
Producer/Born Between