The Intersex Spectrum is a scale of diverse variations
in physical sex development between ‘perfect male‘ on one end of the spectrum and ‘perfect female‘ on the other end of the spectrum.

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect male‘ or a ‘perfect female‘.
Our biologies are a mixed development of both
the testosterone and estrogen hormones.

But most of us fall very close to either end of the spectrum.

For a minority of people throughout the world,
their biological development places them somewhere in between
the male and female ends of the spectrum.

Our film will focus on people from around the world
‘caught’ between male and female development.

Male or female?

The development of life in the womb is a complex process of nature.
Every human fetus begins life in the womb as a female.
Biology will eventually determine whether a child is born as a male or a female.


Sometimes the natural process varies.  

Prader scaleQuigley scale for (P)AIS

In past history, people born ‘in between’ were labelled
as hermaphrodites or androgynous.
But these terms do not accurately define the dozens of known medical conditions now referred to as Disorders of Sexual Development (DSD).
A more modern and widely accepted term for people born with biological variations of sex development is Intersex.

We don’t consider this condition a ‘disorder’.
An neither should you!

It is much more common among humans than people think.
In fact, it is actually a natural process quite common throughout many other forms of life on Earth.  Societies around the world have traditionally rejected or violently attacked anyone not conforming to the dual concept of male and female. This is not the case with all cultures and societies.

There are exceptions.

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