I am intersex.

I was born in Mexico City, but grew up in Switzerland. My parents closed my vagina to make me a boy. When I was 14 my body was changed and my parents still wanted me to be a boy. They hid me for all my life. They didn’t want me to go outside. I had no friends. They was very strict with me.

When I was 38 I met a girl from Germany. She helped me to change. She was my girlfriend, but we broke up for a guy. My parents didn’t tell me the truth about my origins. My biological mother was from Norway. But my father has had three wives, and I have never met my biological mother. I can not have a job in Mexico or have friends, because people see me as foreign. And here foreign people are not accepted. I don’t have friends here because Mexican people are scared about my condition. They see me as evil, or something like that.

Now I am 45 and I don’t have friends. No job and no money and my family does not accept me. They don’t see my condition. They want me to change. I give them videos all about my condition, but they don’t want to listen to me. I am writing my book about me my life.

When i was 10 years old, I was violated for months. But my parents said that was my fault and we came to Mexico because of that. I still have a trauma from that violation. I can’t have men friends. I just have one friend and he is a very good friend to me He respects me and he help me with anything I need,

I now have a girlfriend from Colorado in the USA.

Now I am trying to make a new life with her.

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A Candid Video Conversation with Doro on Being Intersex.
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