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  1. David (Hannah )

    Hi again it’s been a while since I wrote you and your group.

    I have another update on my intersex issues. If you remember I was born with a ovotestis in addition to four or more mature germ cell teratoma that varied in size from 10-14.5 cm. In addition to having testicular/ovarian type cancer. I had a very strong sense I was female as a child which became more apparent with surgeries to bring down undescended testis in addition to hypogonadism.
    As a new development in the last couple of years there was a developing feeling that something more was changing about myself. So last spring I atlast acted and went into the doctor. I had a simple request and that was for him to test my testosterone levels, test the estrogen levels and last test my AFP levels. You see at no time during my life did I feel male but now I felt as if my body had estrogen flowing though it. Well guess what, my production of testosterone was next to nothing but I had a much higher than normal level of estrogen. The only urologist I could find was in the twin cities and he worked with transgender and intersex people. He examed me and said my remaining testis was also and ovotestis, much like the one that became malignant. He also suggested to be surgically removed because it too could become malignant. I will have this repaired sometime in the next six months but not before we sell our home. The fact is I need to have two other surgeries in addition to the testis. One is for a herniated scar tissue from earlier germcell surgery and another to repair a surgical mesh failure. This last one was also for another germ cell teratoma.
    Ironicly not one person asked me how I knew there was something wrong with me and why I should request such odd ball blood tests. It all came down to self perceptions, the estrogen levels in me coupled to the extremely low testosterone gave me this feeling of being extremely feminine. Much like when the cancer hit me years ago.

    • Thank you again, David, for being open with us and sharing your many challenges. I hope your words will inspire others to continue the struggle for quality medical attention and respect from the academic, political and social community.
      I read your message to my wife and she suggested setting up a foundation to help you and others in similar difficult situations. I will contact you soon.
      A few days ago my primary laptop failed. It will be a week or so before I can get my systems back up. But I promise you, we will keep working. At the end of August I will return to the States permanently. This will allow me to refocus our efforts on our original goals. My complete support is with you, and thank you again for sharing your personal experiences.

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