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Several years ago, I made the decision to create a documentary film on intersex. The goal was to educate and inform, and to begin to restore social dignity to anyone ‘born between’. Since then, we have gathered our resources and completed an introductory video to promote the feature film. We received a small amount of funding from friends and contributors last year. And although I have been actively seeking collaborators, funding, donations, individuals, companies or organisations to back us, I have yet to receive the significant backing the project requires for a full length production.

We have an excellent financial sponsor with ‘From The Heart Productions‘ so we can accept all grants and contributions. We have a link right here on the web site to donate directly. What we need now most is YOUR help!

A film of this depth and honesty has yet to be produced. It is a very delicate and sensitive topic. I’ve already experienced the political divisiveness between different support groups, different researchers, and different individuals whose idea of ‘Intersex’ and ‘DSD’ may differ. I’ve also experienced the political divisiveness of LGBT groups and many who consider themselves ‘trans’. I now understand why an honest presentation on the subject is so challenging. Even those within the intersex community, including ‘experts’, seem to insistingly create challenging obstacles against anyone attempting to develop any comprehensive study on the subject. This doesn’t even include those opposed because of traditional religious misunderstandings.

I am not deterred. I anticipated this when I chose the topic passionately and with the full understanding of the social benefits once accomplished. But, it is for many of these same reasons that we must work so diligently to raise the funding to produce the film. I have had offers from groups that wanted ‘editorial control’ for their contributions. The integrity of this film is that we are exposing the science and the truth, without political bias and without sensationalism of any aspect of the subject matter. This is not a formula for commercial popularity. One more reason we NEED YOUR help!

The film will be an international collaboration, eventually translated into several languages and distributed to educational facilities, support groups, and any broadcast programming outlets interested in broadcasting the film. Please share our web page, our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, our You Tube channel and our on-line fund raising campaign. We need strong contributions. But
right now we also need our supporters to share the film and the links to our web site with as many others as they possibly can. Please join us, share our message, or pledge your contribution!

Born Between: The Intersex Spectrum (Extended Version 20 Minutes)


CAST AND CREW (partial list)

Fernando J. Llorente – Executive Producer

Martin Freeth, Producer Director
A seasoned producer and director with a long list of credits from the BBC, ‘Nature’ on-line magazine and ‘The British Medical Journals’ on-line educational series.


Dr. Milton Diamond, PhD., (retired) University of Hawaii -Gender Studies
Dr. Diamond was an instrumental pioneer in the 1960’s, recognizing the atrocities and misconceptions reaped upon those born intesex. We are honored to have Dr. Diamond as a supporter and content contributor on the project.

Dr. Jay Hayes-Light, Director of UK Intersex Organization (UKIA)
Dr. Hayes-Light is also a pioneer of one of the earliest advocacy organizations for intesex individuals. The important founding principles of his organization will also be a primary focus of the film.

Dr. Elof Axel Carlson, PhD, Geneticist and Author, State University of New York at Stoney Brook
Dr. Carlson has a distinguished history as a geneticist and researcher. His most recent work, ‘The 7 Sexes‘ is an in-depth scientific study of why gender variation occurs. We are honored to have Dr. Carlson providing his insight on genetics and development.

Professor Richard Sharpe, Researcher, University of Edinburgh
Professor Sharpe is a leading researcher at the University of Edinburgh working on reproductive health and disorders in males. His expertise on reproductive development and the many factors influencing development in the womb, offer fresh insight on the latest scientific work .

Dr. Leuan Hughes, Pediatrics, University of Cambridge
Dr. Hughes offers his many years of experience in intersex conditions in pediatric patients. Diagnostics and the difficult decisions at birth are important areas of study in variations of development.

Sarah Leaver, Actress and Performance Artist
Sarah produced a theatrical performance delving into the many complexities of being born between. Her continued work and spotlighting of the controversies in our social space continues to inspire many others.


Assistant Professor Andrew Garrison, Filmmaker/Director
Andy Garrison recently completed a beautifully choreographed expose of the lives of Municipal Maintenance workers titled, ‘Trash Dance’. It continues to play at film festivals around the world. His honest advice and real world experience have been invaluable in the preliminary development of the film.


If you have any information on the topic which you feel would be relevant to our film, please contact us. We’re open to anyone willing to provide knowledge, expertise, resources, or just to let us know you support our project.

Thank you sincerely!


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