Born Between
The Nature of Intersex

A Documentary Film In Development

Every year,
thousands of children around the world
are biologically born intersex.

Intersex is a variation
in the biological development of a child
while the child is still in the womb.

Intersex means
the child is born with a biological sex variation
of both the male and female physiology.

When intersex children are born,
they are sometimes ‘surgically reassigned’
by the doctors and physicians.

Intersex babies eventually become young children,
and then adolescents and then adults.

Intersex does not mean gay,
or homosexual, or transgender,
or transexual.

Growing up and living as an intersex person
is sometimes difficult, challenging
and in some cases, cruel or traumatic.

You can read a few personal,
and very often heartbreaking stories,
in our new Personal Journal pages.

Our goal as filmmakers,
is to produce a feature length documentary film
to inform and educate,
and to restore the human dignity and respect
which all intersex persons deserve.

We need your help!


We continue to seek funding and donations
to produce the full length documentary film
on the Nature of Intersex.

Our short 8 minute promotional film is a good introduction on the topic.

The longer 20 minute version is also available to view here.

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We recorded this interview with Dr. Elof Axel Carlson,
a retired biologist, geneticist and recent author
of a detailed scientific and technical study
on the biology and genetics of intersex.
The interview is a brief insight into the science and the social implications.


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“Nothing and no one is perfect.
It just takes a good eye to find those hidden imperfections.”
Daphne Delacroix

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  1. Although I have not written in a while, I thought I would post to say hello to everybody on the list, I have been really busy with farm related stuff plus working on trying to get one of my books turned into a TV series which [as all of my stories] features an intersexed protagonist.

    On top of that I [once again] have a respiratory infection [I seem to get those every fall in recent years, my health is not good] so I have been less mobile, and less active than in the past.

    For any people who wandered to my web site in the past, it has been in flux a lot as my webmistress has become somewhat of a ‘mad scientist’ experimenting with code, and she literally twice destroyed the site playing around with anti-hacking programs.

    I can not say to you that at this moment the site is working even.

  2. I think another reply I posted failed to stick, but this is a comment I left about historical research I posted below a youtube video of another discussion which I felt was potentially helpful for people who are not in full understanding as to why there can be so many of us and yet nobody knows and nothying is said for such a long long time….

    [original post is as follows]
    Most of our history will have been hidden or marginalized by people who are under the sway of the vast great powers of society.

    Since many ‘common’ people were and are still under the sway of such powers as churches[religions] and governments, they will have simply omitted anything which they felt would displease, endanger or embarrass themselves, their superiors or the causes which they had been steeped in.

    Anything which could be seen as refuting the veracity [or seeming veracity] of the ‘in’ theme of the day would be avoided at all costs.

    Orhpanages, monestaries, catacombs and insane asylums were filled with people who for some reason did not fit the ideal norms.

    How many of these pitiable nameless ones were amongst the systryn or brythryn we can not know because such ‘shocking and horrifying’ information would have been utterly omitted and never voiced, let alone penned into a recorded history we could hope to look back on.

    Since the times of ancient Rome and Greece, however, there have been tales and lore trying to explain our existence.

    The whole tale of Hermaphorditus is intended to explain just how such a ‘magical’ and ‘deitfies’ being such as we came into existence.

    One could look on us as being seen as a ‘shameful’ thing, or they could also look on us as divine with supernatural powers, depenting on how one wished to accept various tales of our origins.

    I know of several Jewish people who believe that originally Adam was a fully functional symmetrical hermaphrodite and that Yahweh is and always was the same, but that the WOMB was taken from ‘man’ [and not the rib] to make the ‘womb-man’ as a help meet for the ‘man’.

    Histories written by those opposed to us will be rife with holes, errors and blank spaces, but with diligent studies, a truly devoted group of people could perhaps fill in all of the gaps.

    • Thanks I would look into that documentary I’m really interested in learning more about us intersexed people

      • Where I can provide tecnical assistance or references I’ll be happy to, but I myself am no leading expert in it.

        I can say that I know of one urologist who may be willing in a candid interview to give some more information on some cases I am not privy to at this time.

        If that would be of any use to you I can get his information and send it to you.

    • Yuri,

      Please feel free to share this on our web page. You are completely correct.

      In the past many people born intersex were hidden away, experimented on as exhibition objects, or in many cases, all around the world throughout human history, their lives were ended by others.

      “Orphanages, monasteries, catacombs and insane asylums were filled with people who for some reason did not fit the ideal norms.”

      Also valid and very true information.

      Two things come to mind that you touched upon which I included in an earlier video but I pulled it recently so I could update it.

      There are some believers in the Judaic and even in the Christian theology that believe Adam and Eve were actually one person until the Divine Power divided them into male and female. If you study the scientific history of human organisms this actually makes sense. Many single cell organisms began as asexual organisms (both male and female). Some still are (some species of snails).

      In ancient Buddhist tradition and Hindi beliefs, people that were born and exemplified characteristics or physical attributes of both sexes, were considered Divine or very special beings. It was mandatory to have at least one such luminary at any festival, event or gathering.

      And now we have an amazing challenge against a wall of ignorance to educate and restore the dignity, humanity and respect all intersex persons deserve.

      Thank you for the comments, Yuri. I encourage you to continue the discussion and to continue sharing your thoughts and your writings.

      Please share this website, the Facebook page and our Twitter account with as many others as you can. The more people that contribute to the discussion and contribute to the funding campaign for the production of the feature film, the more attention we will garner. And the sooner we will receive the attention and the funding we deserve.



  3. I seem to not grow fully as a man small body for 25 year old but for a a woman my frame is large I put pictures on websites and guys think I’m a woman but from the waist down but when I send face pics some guys been confused thinking I’m women some just say you have both features of women and man when they see my upper body but when my hair was very long people mistake me for a woman I just don’t understand why I don’t have breast even guys try to talk to me like thinking I’m a woman but when they realize I’m aman they try to keep it a secret I have a very attractive body as well but mostly at the waist down which makes me feel like half woman deep down inside I wondered at first always as acchild why I have a body like a woman and i felt like half woman then I found out one day there was a g spot down there and I found a second hole that feels like a small viginia and I found out natural just feeling a feeling down there Im just starting to think I should just be and live how I am born but its hard if someone got some advice please help me I also know my religion Christian is why I kinda don’t wanna live intersexed but the bible says nothing about us which make me think differently but it still feels like nature to me I can’t control the feeling so I think it could be nature hidden being intersexed and living as intersexed

    • Antoine,

      Cherish your intricacies. Never be ashamed of your body, or of who you are. Use it to your advantage. Learn to love life and the gifts you were given. Enjoy yourself and your unique physique.

      Never let Christian values or any other religious values interfere with your faith or with your life. If your parents or your relatives and friends do not approve it is because they do not understand, or they refuse to understand. I am also Christian and Christians pose as great a wall against what I am doing as any other religion. I tell people, intersex is Nature and Nature is God. God gave you your body. It was not your choice. God gave you your unique nature, embrace it. And be thankful, use it as an instrument of your faith as anyone else might.

      Please send me an email with your web address if you would like, and I will add you to our mailing list (only rarely do we email, we don’t spam, we don’t share).

      Have faith and please keep in touch. As you can see here, there are others that have very unique circumstances and have struggled with many of the same issues. The most we can to mend societies misdeeds is to educate others so society does not keep repeating its mistakes.

      Best and thank you again for sharing.


  4. Thankfully my case is far less complex than yours, although this is nt to say it is devoid of complications.

    I can readily sire children with a woman, that part does its thing, but I am an F-cup with 54″ hips and have done linngerie modeling.

    I have a photo on my facebook profile from about 10 years ago [my face looks rather haggard of late] when I looked vibrant and youthful and I can say that although I know I am not a polar female I can pass for one in some instances, but with a swift change can in seconds pass for a polar male too.

    I am smaller than my male siblings and larger than all of the women on my mother’s side of the family, but smaller than the females on my ‘maddy’s side and larger than many of the ‘males’.

    Size conformity in my family has never been there as there is some giantism in my maddy’s [my ‘father’ and ‘grandfather’ were both intersexed with the same condition as I have and it is a genetically dominant trait when it is apassed along meaning that had I any children they could have it as well ] as there were both very large and very small people as well as a lot of hairy chested women.

    Without proper DNA testing, it is hard to know who in our family has or had what exactly.

    I have a fully developed beard but no signes of balding or heavy body hair as is true for one male slibling, only without the same hips and breasts, but I have 2 very hickly haired and muscled siblings, one of whom began balding at age 17.

    I have one female siblig with chest hair, a violent temper and extremely aggressive nature but otherwise seems to be fully female and bare eight ‘normal’ and healthy children in eight successful pregnancies.

  5. I personally write romance novels with intersexed heroines in them because it is one of the few ways I can reach out to help young and old alike to either understand others or cope with their own situation.

    My condition is “Aromatase Excess Syndrome” and led to an early onset or precocious puberty as well as breasts, hips and a propensity to dislike many things male/manly.

    Before puberty, however, I had already begun life identified as a ‘girl’ or at least girl-ish to the point that I wanted to wear dresses and long hair.

    My family tried desperately to make me into a man, but they fialed and now they are having to deal with me as an adult and they are very uncomfortable, but I kinda like that because its the only retribution I get for all of the suffering I experienced as a child at their hands and words.

    I welcome meeting other intersexed people in the community.

    Also if one wants to write to me I can try to be of comfort and support.

    I am a novelist, so if you would like to see empowered intersexed people in action, you can find me on and create space as well.

    Warm regards,
    Yuri [this is my pen name]

    • Good to meet you Yuri and look forward of learning more about AES, you are the first person I’ve encountered. Intersex for me relates to failure of complete sexual development. In other words one of my testis remained as a fetal ovary, with the other testis maturing to half of normal adult size. As you would expect there is some hypogonadism but without much breast or hip development. Plus a very late puberty and a dry sense of humor.
      Other that gender issues and ovarian type cancer causing near death or the fact I always thought I was in the wrong body, my life has been fine.
      Guess this is our normal. Lol
      Feel free to write if you wish.

      I’m an open but boring book

      • Hi yes I seem to have a small viginia and from the waist down I look like a woman I don’t grow much hair and no deep voice wat happened to me I don’t know but I am confused still about my sexuality because I know wat’s known for sex to be man for women but because I was born with both genital I have a passion for men

      • Hello David,
        It is good to hear from you here and your discussion with Yuri. Again I apologize that the web site email was not working and I did not see these comments until today. I hope you are doing well. Thank you for being honest and sharing your story. I feel it is very helpful for others to see they are not alone. And sometimes other people’s stories are very similar or sometimes even more painful than their own.

        It is important for all intersex persons to understand they may be unique compared to others (not so much compared to others that are intersex), but their diverse biological development is natural. Variations exist throughout nature. And it is only our strict social interpretation of male and female that makes those that do not fall within the supposed idealistic ‘norm’, to feel like outcasts, or to feel that the signals their body gives them are conflicting.

        The most important thing is to feel comfortable with your body. Understand there are others that feel the same way, but society has also forced them to hide in the shadows. It is time we pointed the finger at our society and let them know that they are the ones that are wrong and in some cases downright evil. And it is time for society to open their eyes to natural science and biology and to provide intersex persons the dignity and respect they deserve as fellow human beings in our diverse world of Nature.

        My goal is still very much to produce and educational film for the mass market and for non-profits to present the facts on the nature of intersex.

        I am still out of the States, but I also still want to sit down to do an interview with you sometime.



    • Hi I’m so confused don’t know which way to go for my sexuality I seem to have a small viginia and a waist down like a woman the shape and everything wat kinda intersex am i

    • Yuri,

      Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and challenges. I will respond to the comment above.
      Please feel free to post a link to your book so some our readers can purchase a copy from you.


  6. Im intersex but confused about my sexuality its hard but I gotta figure out which way to go about my sexuality without being shy about admitting who I am its only natural

    • Hello Antoine. Thank you for commenting on the website. I apologize it has taken me so long to respond. Either the website did not email me or the email on the website to contact me was not working. I think I have fixed it now.

      Who you are IS only natural. It is why I am working so hard to raise the funding to produce this film. Society should never dictate how you decide to live your life. Religion should not dictate how you live your life. I will continue my comments further up this thread. Thank you again and again I apologize.

  7. If you should be interested in questioning myself about intersex as it relates to myself or anything else I can be helpful with just let me know. Sad that travel distances are so great to make a face to face interview difficult but there are many options to explore including a southern motorcycle trip I am planning for the summer. I travel by cycle and camp at the same time to save money. But most of all I very much enjoy living in a tent whenever I can. Two years ago I camped all the way to Alaska and back for almost seven weeks while cycling. Not too bad for someone who just had four bypasses the year before.
    If there is one thing I would want the world to know is my intersex body is a product of modern society. My intersex body was most likely caused by an Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals EDC of some sort dumped into my fetal environment during development. I have come to accept myself for who I am now the world will need to do the same. Welcome to the gray zone.


  8. As a follow up to my last e-mail comments. David is my day to day name and working persona, Hannah is my spirit and soul. In my world this is my normal

    I wish I could help fund you film but I retired early and have no share funds.

    I also wish I could find an Aladdin lamp on the beach and have the wisdom to know what to ask from the genie.

    • Your contribution is letting others know that they are not unique, nor alone. That many others have been created by the natural variations of Nature, to be physically influenced by both social gender constructs. Not because they made a choice, but because that is how they were born or developed biologically. That is a difficult point for many to understand. Many times they confuse it with preference. Their knee-jerk social responses are more often, not so honorable. And educating anyone reading this web site who may read your story and understand, will be a valuable contribution for everyone. Thank you, one more time!


  9. Hello I posted a comment on your youtube site and followed your link to this site. In my remaining years of like I wish to be open about who I am as a intersex. But for the most part I’m greeted with confusion when I try to explain intersex to others and some people have a degree of mistrust. Only one doctor at the Mayo Clinic has been totally honest with me. Yet at the same time even they fail to comprehend what being intersex has done for my persona, my gender identity.
    Next tuesday I go for another ultra sound to check for more tumors and mature teratoma that maybe residing in my abdomen. ( I know I have one more tumor )Since age ten I have had many surgeries to remove these teratoma. A few proved to be malignant, including a 10cm one that was attached to my so called right testis that prove to be in fact a fetal ovary. Another mature teratoma was not malignant. Accept for the fact this one was 14.5 cm and had limbs skin eyes but in a non viable form. If you’re wondering in did feel as if I was pregnant for over 25 years and yes I’m sure this contributed to my gender issues.
    Now for the real interesting aspect, I am married and managed to have two children after many years of marriage. Dispite the the fact I only have one working testis and even that testis grew to less that half of normal adult size. Guess I only needed one sperm cell to make a baby.
    The Surgeries done at age ten and again at age eleven where secret because I have little knowledge of what was done other than the huge scar and a nurse whispering into my ear they, as in the doctors, had saved me from becoming a girl. I suspect other teratoma where removed in addition to repairing a undescended testis. Even my parents where kept in the dark as to why the surgery took so long and what was done to me that would cause such a scar. People didn’t ask doctors questions in those days, well at least my parents didn’t ask. I do remember a great deal of what happen but in the context of being a child,
    I could go on and on, you get the picture. Should you have question feel free to ask.

    • I want to sincerely thank you for sharing your story with us. Your honesty and your unique challenges are every reason I continue to work hard to produce this film effectively. I don’t really feel people will understand, until they see for themselves how different each biological situation might be and the other very real changes it creates in people, who otherwise are very much exactly like everyone else. I’ll drop you an email. Thank you again for sharing your story. I consider it a valuable contribution. To eliminate the confusion and the mistrust is my goal.


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